price per person (for groups of 24 people or more): starting from 99 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 24 people: 2,376 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    flexible, adapted to your timeline
    usually 3 hours


    Schönwalde/Glien, Kremmen, Templin

    How to be a Farmer

    What it takes to be a farmer

    What it takes to be a farmer - During our Farmers' Olympiad, we divide your group into several small teams that engage in a playful competition and solve different tasks. It's all about the skills that are needed on a farm such as speed, strength, and manual skills. Roll straw bales with your team through a complicated course, lift beer mugs, throw rubber boots.

    However, there is also a need for team spirit, good ideas, a little tinkering, and often skills and abilities that nobody even knew they had before.

    While the group relaxes and enjoys a delicious meal after the event, we evaluate the task solutions and pick out the most beautiful photos of the day for the final award ceremony.

    Possible activities for a Farmers' Olympiad

    • forging
    • straw bale rolling contest
    • blind beer tasting
    • rubber boot far shooting
    • team graph
    • wheelbarrow obstacle course
    • construction of a grain filling station
    • beer mug lifting contest
    • horseshoe throwing


    • starting at 99 Euros per person (net); this applies to groups of 24 people or more
    • The fixed rate for groups of less than 24 people is 2,376 Euros (net - please add VAT).
    • The German VAT rate is currently 19 %.
    • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.


    Activities such as the straw bale rolling contest require a lot of space, which is not available in Berlin's urban area on a regular basis. As a possible venue for the Farmers' Olympiad, we suggest the extensive grounds of a former estate west of Berlin with its nice restaurant (reachable from Spandau by public transport). Moreover, we also recommend a location nearby Kremmen and one nearby Templin.


    • the individual teams go through successive stations where they each collect points
    • all teams perform the same task simultaneously, meaning that they enter into a direct and playful competition. In doing so, we can either leave the teams constant over the different tasks, or we can reassemble them from task to task, so that all participants get to solve the tasks at least once with each team member
    • also suitable for large groups up to 250 people