Potsdam, Zeuthener See,
    Werbellinsee, Templin
    We are glad to come to the location of your choice.


    price per person (for groups of 24 people or more): starting from 69 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 24 people: 1,656 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    flexible, adapted to your timeline
    usually 4 hours

    Raft Building

    A dry arrival is
    not always guaranteed

    Divided into several small teams, you build your own rafts. The material is ready for you: floats, wood and ropes. But the building plan has been lost. Now, it’s all down to your creativity and skilled craftsmanship. Together, you will develop a concept, distribute the various tasks among each other, recognize constructional problems and solve them.

    And finally, the exciting question: will your solutions help you stay afloat? After a trip on the lake, a dry arrival is not always guaranteed.

    Depending on your wishes, we will gladly organise your raft building event as a playful competition and appoint a winning team.


    • race with all rafts and solving of small tasks
    • on the water, the teams combine the individual rafts to form a giant raft
    • raft building as part of several team activities in a team trophy, e.g. under the motto "the settlers": a group of settlers at the time of the settlement of the Margraviate of Brandenburg is on its way to the east and has to cope with various challenges along their way; the end goal is to cross the river Oder with a raft
    • In principle, we are flexible when it comes to the event location and will be glad to come to a location of your choice. However, there are additional costs for a location check. We have good experiences with raft buildings e.g. in Potsdam (additional rental fee of at least 400 Euros), on Lake Zeuthen, on Lake Werbellin and near Fürstenberg. The venues in Potsdam and in Lake Zeuthener can be reached by public transport.