Good to know

Tips for your event planning

If you are planning a team event for the first time, the following tips and central questions will perhaps be of help.


What is the goal of your event?
Should the fun be the main focus or do you wish to have a training concept developed by a trainer / coach for a team building including reflection phases?


Who are the participants of the event and what are their expectations?


What have you done in the past?


Is there a specific date? How should the time frame look like and how do you imagine the schedule of the day to look like?


What is your budget (for the activity, food and drink, transport, etc.)? *


What are your requirements regarding the location?

Do you want to stay in Berlin or to get out of the city? All the way to the countryside or to the outskirts of Berlin? Are you bound to a specific venue?


Which expectations do you have on the activities and which activities come in question, which ones do not? And why?
Is the playful aspect of competing of central importance to you? Do the participants incline toward a good challenge or do you prefer to take it easy? Do you want to stay together as a group or to split up into smaller teams?


* Please note that we charge a minimum fee of Euro 780 (net) or Euro 928 (gross) - even for activities with small groups. This price does not include the costs for food and drink.