We are glad to come to the location of your choice (office, hotel)


    price per person (for groups of 20 people or more): starting from 89 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 20 people: 1,780 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    flexible, adapted to your timeline
    usually 2-3 hours

    Team Challenge

    Experience different challenges together as a team

    During our Team Challenge, you will experience the most diverse challenges together: navigate skilfully through the tight corners of the Nürburgring with the team graph, around the world in 80 days - or will your team get lost in the South American jungle? During a chain reaction, burning table tennis balls flying through the air. For the photo crime story, slip into the role of the old mafia boss - or stay behind the camera and develop the plot further. The tasks are as varied as our guests.

    We divide your group into several small teams that work together. At the end of the day, we will show the most beautiful photos of the different teams and select the winners.

    The Team Challenge event is suitable as a supporting programme for seminars, workshops and conferences, for your Christmas party and many other events, and is flexibly adaptable to different spatial conditions and time frames. It offers the opportunity to talk to your colleagues differently than in everyday work life and to become active together.


    • price per person for up to three hours of activity: starting at 89 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 people or more
    • price per person for every further hour: 10 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 or more people
    • The fixed rate for groups of less than 20 people is 1,780 Euros (net) (please add VAT) for the first two hours and an extra of 200 Euros (net) for every further hour.
    • German VAT is 19 %.
    • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.

    Time needed

    • flexible, adapted to your timeline
    • 1 – 6 hours activity; proven to be most suitable are 5 hours for a full-day event and 3 hours for a half-day event


    • completely indoors or alternating between indoors and outdoors
    • spatially flexible: we will be happy to come to the location of your choice, but can also gladly recommend a suitable restaurant
    • constant teams or changing team compositions from task to task
    • the individual teams can either go through several stations in succession (especially for groups of 40 people or more) or all teams complete the same task simultaneously (for groups of up to 40 people)
    • flexible in the design: alongside with you, we select a combination of activities from the large repertoire of possible tasks that best suits your group and your ideas of a successful evening