price per person (for groups of 24 people or more): starting from 89 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 24 people: 2,136 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    flexible, adapted to your timeline
    usually 2 hours



    Blacksmithing & Archery

    The perfect combination for an atmospheric team event


    Under the expert guidance of our blacksmith you will experience and learn traditional blacksmithing. The iron is heated on an open fire and then shaped on an anvil. Men in particular, but women too, find great pleasure in this original, powerful craft that also requires some skill.

    Our blacksmith puts up his forge and two anvils where you decide you would like to spend your outing. Blacksmithing at dusk or in the dark is particularly impressive: standing outside by the warm fire, the clear sound of the hammer hitting the anvil blows through the rural silence, and your forged iron work sizzles and steams in the bucket of water as it cools, and you hold a cup of mulled wine or a glass of red wine in your hand. These are impressions that make this day very special and unforgettable.


    Archery fascinates many people through its combination of strength, skilfulness and calmness. Find a strong, firm foothold, define the target, draw the bow, breathe and let go – a seemingly easy sequence of movements.

    Archery is a perfect team building activity: Together you discover this new activity and test your skills. After some practicing you will have a small competition in which everybody and every team collects points. At the end we will name the winning team.

    Organisation of the event

    When we combine forging and archery by night, we divide your group into several small teams of 10-12 people each. With a timeframe of two hours, each team then alternately experiences one activity for one hour and the other activity in the following hour. If desired, we can conclude the event by selecting a winning team in the archery discipline. After that, each team presents their forged object. For larger groups with multiple teams, we can also ask participants to vote for their favourite forged object in a secret, written poll, in order to have a winning team in both disciplines.


    • starting at 89 Euros per person (net); this applies to groups of 24 people or more
    • The fixed rate for groups of less than 24 people is 2,136 Euros (net - please add VAT).
    • The German VAT rate is currently 19 %.
    • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.

    Time needed

    • flexible, adaptable to fit your timeline
    • 2 hours have proven to be most suitable for winter (plus approx. 15 minutes for the introduction and 15 minutes for a possible award ceremony at the end of the activity)

    Further information

    Forging and archery by night are the most popular activities for our winter Team Trophies. For larger groups, we often combine them with at least one other activity and set up several stations with different activities that each team completes one after the other.

    For the activities forging and archery by night, we are in principle spatially flexible. The prerequisite for forging is an area of approx. 4 * 4 meters per blacksmith. For the activity archery by night, you need 15 meters of open space and the possibility of installing our archery nets on the grounds of your desired restaurateur for your Christmas party. We would gladly recommend you restaurateurs with whom we have had good experiences.