price per person (for groups of 15 people or more): starting from 149 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 15 people: 2,235 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    flexible, adapted to your timeline
    usually 4-5 hours


    We are glad to come to the location of your choice (office, hotel).

    Business Movie

    Movie shooting, for instance in the style of The Blair Witch Project

    A small team of documentary filmmakers wants to shoot a documentary about a secluded piece of woodland in which the "Blair Witch" is supposedly up to mischief. The group of enlightened young city dwellers believes this is nonsense. But as soon as they arrive there, peculiar signs pile up, giving the impression that something is definitely going wrong. Suddenly, the conversation about the alleged witch appears in a completely different light.

    While the group is being terrorised by something or someone unidentified during daytime, one member of the team inexplicably disappears every night. What started as a fun experiment suddenly turned into a very serious matter for the rest of the increasingly insecure group. In the end, all are gone and only the video footage is found later. What exactly happened remains unknown.

    That’s the concept of The Blair Witch Project. The movie, designed as a documentary film, came out in 1999 in movie theatres and was a huge success. Filmed with an unstable handheld camera, the movie script did not contain any predefined dialogues. The actors were free to improvise.

    Under the expert guidance of our director, you will develop a concept for your short film and implement it the same day. This may be a Blair Witch Project, but you may have other ideas as well. We recommend adapting the theme of your short film to the event venue.

    While some try themselves out as actors after overcoming the first shyness in front of the camera, others contribute to the success of the film by working behind the scenes as camera operators, directors, sound assistants, set runners etc. A second camera documents the making-of of the film.


    • starting at 149 Euros per person (net); this applies to groups of 15 people or more
    • The fixed rate for groups of less than 15 people is 2,235 Euros (net - please add VAT).
    • The German VAT rate is currently 19 %.
    • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.

    Time needed

    • half an hour to one hour for the introduction
    • Ideally at least three, or better four hours for the filming (if you do not have that much time at your disposal, we'll be happy to adapt the concept to your time frame, in extreme cases 30 minutes are enough for a short film shooting).
    • while enjoying a dinner after the activity, we will do a quick cut; depending on the size of the group, we need about 2.5 - 3.5 hours