Event locations

In addition to the activity itself and the shared experience, the atmosphere and the good food and drink play a central role in the success of an event. We work location-independent with a variety of venues in Berlin and its surroundings.

We would be glad to advise you regarding restaurateurs that suit your group and your wishes, and we always have insider tips up our sleeves!

Below are some examples from our broad repertoire:

an old country house, far, far away

A mere one-hour drive north of Berlin and yet completely remote: Far away from the thoroughfares is a small village with a dozen houses. Most of them belong to the historic estate with a manor house, various agricultural buildings and elongated red-brick workmen's cottages. Pure nature and a rural idyll. Here, you will experience real deceleration.
The picturesque remnants of the old park are the perfect setting for nature-close, active team experiences.

beach bar and a long sandy beach by the lake

One of the largest hotels from GDR times stands in the middle of a forest in Brandenburg, located near a picturesque lake. Today, everything inside and outside the hotel has been renovated, and the eleven-storey high-rise façade has been painted colourfully.
This location falls out of line; the giant building in the middle of the Brandenburg sand remains an absolutely unique experience.
While in your room, you can enjoy the fantastic view over the forest and the lake. The large meadows, especially the wide sandy beach by the lake, offer many opportunities for active team events.

classic elegance in a stylish castle

Indulge in culinary delicacies in the classic elegance of a castle just outside Berlin. In the prestigious setting of the historic walls and the extensive park, one can hold productive meetings, experience different team activities, and celebrate cheerfully.
The castle is a private family-run idyllic place with a very personal touch. Rather quiet than loud. Here, you can just breathe out, live in the moment, have good conversations, savour carefully prepared food, enjoy and revitalise yourself.

Picturesque location on the lakefront

Approximately an hour's drive north of Berlin, this beautifully designed hotel and restaurant is located directly on the lakefront. The spacious, tree-shaded meadow with direct access to the lake is perfect for a variety of team activities. Whether it’s raft building, a team trophy or just a cheerful, carefree celebration with good food and drink in a beautiful atmosphere: here, you are welcomed and well looked after. No matter if in a small group of 20 or larger group of 120 people.
Enjoy a beautiful day in the countryside and the impressive view over the wideness of the lake.

Private house in the fields

In the distance, fields stretching as far as the horizon. During your outdoor cooking in the spacious garden of a private house, sheep watch you cook.
This enchanted place is the perfect setting for an outdoor cooking experience. We offer it exclusively for your group on this day. You will feel just like at home with friends.
This privately owned garden is a 11,000 square meter plot of land. One half consists of a tree-covered garden with pond. Sheep graze on the other half.

simple excursion restaurant by the lake

The large, partially tree-covered bathing area of this traditional excursion restaurant offers plenty of space for team events with a variety of activities. Residents of the village also like to come here to swim and to eat fish.
The decor of the restaurant is country-rustic and simple. From the terrace, you can look over the lake. Mainly fish from the region is served: carp, pike, zander, eel, perch, roach, loop, whitefish, always fresh, partly from the restaurant’s own smokehouse.

stylish March of Brandenburg country life

This hotel and restaurant with various rooms for groups of up to 70 people and beautiful outdoor facilities is housed in the outbuildings of a magnificent Brandenburg castle, which is not accessible to our guests, but provides the perfect setting for a stylish stay in the countryside.
The building complex is located on the steeply sloping shore of a lake, which is partly designed as a vineyard. In between the vines is a little house with a small open fireplace and private terrace a - the perfect meeting room for a group of up to 12 people.