price per person (for groups of 35 people or more): starting from 99 Euros (net)
    price for groups of less than 35 people: 3,465 Euros (net)
    please add VAT (19 %)
    costs for food and beverage are not included

    time needed

    ideally as a one-day event
    possible as a half-day event


    Fürstenberg/Havel or Nauen/Havelland

    Survival Training

    Discover nature with our wilderness guide

    Read tracks, interpret animal sounds, turn plant fibers into cords and ropes, carve a spear sledge with the penknife, leave the hiking tracks behind and orientate yourself without any tools - or with a map and a compass - in the terrain. With a wilderness guide in the forest - experience nature up close. Instead of high-tech equipment and a variety of modern tools, learning basic survival techniques is about topics such as orientation, making fire, finding water, food and shelter.

    • How do I orient myself with a compass and a map, how do I orient myself with the sun? And how do I determine the cardinal points even without the sun and without a compass?
    • How do I find water in the wildness? And how do I make it potable?
    • How do I make fire with different tools?
    • Which wild plants are edible?
    • How do I cook without a pot and a pan?
    • How do I build a rainproof shelter for night-time?

    Depending on the time available, you will learn about carefully chosen survival skills and deepen the acquired knowledge through practical experimentation. But don’t worry: you won’t have to eat earthworms!


    • new conception and location check for a location of your choice possible for an additional charge (please note, however, that not every area is suitable for this activity, or that the activity may only be feasible in a possibly significantly reduced variant)

    Time needed

    • perfect as a one-day activity
    • also available in a reduced version as a half-day activity


    • experience nature by night as part of a night hike (with headlamps and / or torches)
    • in combination with the construction of a tepee (as a location for the subsequent meal and a cosy get-together)