Corporate Christmas Party in Berlin and Brandenburg

Should this year’s Christmas party be more than just a meal? Would you like to be active in a team? Are you looking for thrilling ideas?

Indoor or outdoor? Or a mixture of both?

Half a day or just two hours? Whatever you decide, there should be a celebratory feast at the end!

Explore and select one of our exiting activities here:

Roll up your sleeves, grab your cutting knives and some tape, and gather your team to create your own artwork for your office.

blacksmithing at the corporate travel

Under the expert guidance of our blacksmith you will experience and learn traditional blacksmithing.

Your Christmas party starts directly in the office. Staff room, conference room, store room, kitchen or hall: the whole office turns into an event location for your Christmas party. A wide range of challenges is waiting for you.

We divide the group into several small teams and provide different construction material to create a chain reaction.

Christmas City Rally

Mysterious missions, tricky riddles, a glance behind closed doors, unexpected encounters, exciting team tasks. In our Christmas City Rally you will discover the city – and show what your team is made of.

corporate christmas party in Berlin

At our team challenge you will experience a wide range of tasks. Your team spirit, good ideas and a little tinkering is always required, as well as sometimes skills that no one knew of before.

Unconventional solutions can earn you a lot of points! In our winter team trophy we divide your group into small teams that compete against one another in a playful competition to solve different tasks.

Archery fascinates many people through its combination of strength, skillfulness and calmness. Find a strong, firm foothold, define the target, draw the bow, breathe and let go – a seemingly easy sequence of movements.

corporate christmas party: finding letterboxes

In this exciting outing you will explore the forest in small teams. We provide you with a map, a compass, a tour book with directions, a digital camera and various other equipment.