Winter Team Trophy

Unconventional solutions can earn you a lot of points! In our winter team trophy we divide your group into small teams that compete against one another in a playful competition to solve different tasks. You will need team spirit, good ideas and to think outside the box, to fiddle around with things and sometimes also skills which you neither knew you had, nor ever needed before.

The stages of our team trophy are as varied as our guests. Team communication and joint action are pivotal. For some tasks you may need to be sporty; for others, creative; or witty with words; to have an alert mind. Still others require skilfulness. Do you know how many possibilities there are to succeed with blindfolded walking, the team graph, team skiing.

Our winter team trophy will make an exciting team experience for your Christmas party without a trace of ‘Silent Night’.


  • price per person for up to two hours of activity: starting at 59 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 people or more
  • price per person for every further hour: 10 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 or more people
  • The fixed rate for groups of less than 20 people is 1,180 Euros (net) (please add VAT) for the first two hours and an extra of 200 Euros (net) for every further hour.
  • German VAT is 19%.
  • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.


  • Completely outdoor or alternating indoor and outdoor
  • You can find the complete version of our indoor winter team trophy under team challenge

Time needed

  • flexible, adapted to your timeline
  • usually 1 - 3 hours activity