Tour du Bureau

Your Christmas party starts directly in the office. Staff room, conference room, store room, kitchen or hall: the whole office turns into an event location for your Christmas party. A wide range of challenges is waiting for you.

How does the flying bottle work out in your team? Which team develops the most unexpected mini golf course? And what about the photo crime story – will there be a happy end? And for whom?

You are permitted to think, laugh, to fiddle about and to construct.

We split the group into smaller teams who will work together and solve various interactive tasks. The tour du bureau is suitable as a framework for your Christmas party and is flexible in different time frames (e.g., one, two or three hours, followed by a shared Christmas dinner). It always gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your colleagues in a different way and to undertake joint activities.

As a first step we need a to-scale map to check out if your office is suitable as a location for the tour du bureau. After your booking of our tour du bureau we will make an appointment on site to check out the details.


  • price per person for up to two hours of activity: starting at 59 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 people or more
  • price per person for every further hour: 10 Euros (net); this price applies to groups of 20 or more people
  • The fixed rate for groups of less than 20 people is 1,180 Euros (net) (please add VAT) for the first two hours and an extra of 200 Euros (net) for every further hour.
  • German VAT is 19%.
  • Costs for food and beverages are not included in the above-mentioned prices.


  • Flexible duration e.g. one, two or three hours
  • tasks can be related to your business

Time needed

  • flexible, adaptable to the time frame of your group
  • usually 1 – 4 hours activity