• letterboxing as company outing


  • Canoeing Trophy as company outing in Berlin

    Canoeing Trophy

  • city rally Berlin

    City Rally

  • city rally as company outing

    City Rally

  • Letterboxing as company outing


  • blacksmithing as event for a company outing


  • Team Trophy

    Team Trophy

  • scavenger hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

  • team trophy

    Team Trophy

We organise and create active team events!

Are you and your staff looking for exciting excursions, team building activities, incentive and motivational events, or even a Christmas party in Berlin or Brandenburg? We have over 10 years experience of organising active team events for 15 to 500 people.

Berliner Teamevents means hands-on, activity led, outdoor or indoor team events in Berlin and surrounding area.

Photo Trophy for a company outing in Berlin

Our Photo Trophy

A piece of rope; a discarded woman’s shoe; a rubber glove – mysterious finds. How do they fit together? 

More information under Photo Trophy.