Dr. Frauke Streubel

CEO| Tour conception and development

  • Born in 1967
  • Grew up in Koblenz along the Rhine
  • Studied Business Administration and Economics in Essen and Bochum (PhD)
  • 5 years as Research Assistant at university, followed by 7 years as a consultant at a medium-sized management consultancy with the focus on crisis/rescue operation/insolvency in Berlin and Brandenburg, in the end as a partner
  • Founded the Berliner Teamevents in 2006

“Since my husband and I bought and renovated an old farmhouse, we spend a lot of time in the country, apart from our lives as typical city-dwellers. This way, we have more intensive access to nature and rural life in the Mark Brandenburg region. We regularly explore exciting little projects set up by local enthusiasts, which often remain unheard of to people living in the city in Berlin. That is how I developed the idea of the Berliner Teamevents.”